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Food first

😄 Actually, good sleep is even better  but changing your relationship with your food can make the world of difference

Movement matters

Movement is key to better health. Find out some of the best ways to help YOU get moving in your daily life.




A gratitude attitude

You are what you think.

Changing the way we think about our day can make a world of difference to our sense of success and purpose



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There is no one-size-fits-all approach to health, BUT there are valuable habits we can ALL practice to help KEEP us on track!

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...I'm a certified health and lifestyle coach and I'd love to help you get on track and build those healthier habits into your real life. No pressure, no guilt, and plenty of support and encouragement,

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Hello, I'm Rachel!


You know you need a healthier lifestyle, BUT the struggle is REAL!


You know what you need to do,

but get easily de-railed.


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guilty, stuck and depressed!


Healthy habit coaching

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